5 Best Artificial Intelligence Software Of 2021

artificial intelligence software

Artificial Intelligence Software is a man-made computer program that copies the behavior of humans by learning various patterns and insights. Artificial Intelligence Software combined with machine learning provides users with the required functionality. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Software, you can make your business process much simpler and effective. This artificial intelligence software is used to build and develop an Intelligent application that encourages machine learning and has deep learning capabilities. In sum, there are four different types of artificial intelligence Software which are Artificial Intelligence Platforms, Chatbots, Deep Learning Software, Machine Learning Software. 

List Of Artificial Intelligence Software And Their Functionality And Best Features

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It is machine learning, or you can say computer vision, that suits both clouds and on-premises deployment models. Unsupervised machine learning and training in your data is considered one of its best features. And when we talk about prices, then it is a one-time fee kind of artificial intelligence software that you don’t have to pay again and again. 

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Artificial Intelligence

It is Artificial Intelligence Software that provides machine learning that supports GCP console. It can train models on your data and also deploy it; along with that, you can manage it by yourself. When we talk about its pricing, then its per hour training cost the US $0.49, Europe $0.54, Asia Pacific $0.54. But it is worth every penny. 

Azure Machine Learning Studio

It is another best Artificial Intelligence Software tool that has a browser-based support system. The best feature that this artificial intelligence Software has is that the model will help you to deploy the model as a web service. For pricing, it is free of cost, and you will be having access to 25 services with this account. You need no special programming skills, and it is integrated with open source technologies. 


This Artificial Intelligence Software is machine learning that supports your desktops, clusters, mobile, CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, and Edge devices. From beginners to experts, everyone can use it, and it is free of cost. This Artificial Intelligence Software has several computation tools and an open-source system that provide you good community support with great features and functionality. 


This Artificial Intelligence Software supports distributed memory programming and languages like R & Python. H2O AI is best for banking, healthcare, telecom, insurance, marketing. It is included with autoML functionality that makes it the best Artificial Intelligence Software, and this also is completely free of cost.


This is a small article where we have mentioned the top 5 best Artificial Intelligence Software that is available in the market. If we compare this Artificial Intelligence Software with others, then, in that case, Azure machine learning studio and H2O are far easier to use. You can also try google assistant, Cortana, Alexa as they are considered equally good.

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