A Complete Gaming PC Parts List

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There are three important pieces when building your gaming PC; these are the video card, motherboard and processor. You will also need a computer case in order to house all of your components and protect them from the heat of your system. This article will focus on the latter and what type of case is best for building gaming PCs.

The Motherboard

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The most vital component when it comes to building a PC is the motherboard. The motherboard is responsible for communicating with your video card, audio card, computer CPU and your monitor. Without these devices, your system will be nothing but a black box. Before you go out and purchase your motherboard, there are a few things that you should know.

There are two types of motherboards: msi and amd. The difference between the two is the number of pins that a motherboard has. With an AMD motherboard, you have a lot more pins than with an MSMI motherboard. The reason why an MSMI motherboard is faster is because it has more pins available for use by your processor. It is not that much faster than an msi motherboard. They just have different numbers of pins that go on each side of the motherboard.

Options In Video Cards

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When it comes to video cards, you have many options. There are dedicated video card readers, such as the EVGA Froogle or the Gigaman XP. These allow you to plug in your graphics card into multiple computers without having to change the setting on the motherboard. This means that you can use your old video card on your new gaming system.

When it comes to a processor, you have two options. There is the older iPAQ processor, or the newer quad core i7. Both have their pros and cons. The iPAQ has higher processor power but it is also more expensive. The quad core i7 is less expensive but it does not have nearly the same power as the iPAQ.

 Choose How Many Hard Drives You Want To Use

You also need to choose how many hard drives you want to use with your system. Hard drives are extremely cheap and if you need a lot of storage, then you should go out and get a large hard drive. Otherwise, you may only need a few gigabytes of storage. Some people also like to add a solid state hard drive onto their motherboard to increase storage.

Lastly, you need to add a video card to your system. Without a video card, your system will not be able to output video. There are a few places that you can purchase a video card, but your best bet is to go online and see what the selection is like. You can even purchase an already built video card, if you don’t mind paying a little more for it. However, building a video card on your own is not difficult and it is well worth your time.

Final Words

The last few components that you will want to make sure you have included are a case, memory sticks, a main drive and finally some random software. Depending on what type of gaming system you are building, there may be more than one of each of these items. If your system is built around a customizable program then you can change out the memory chips or hard drives as many times as you like until your system runs correctly. Other systems will come pre-installed with their operating system and all of the components that you need to get started.

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