Artificial Intelligence Movie You Must Watch

Artificial Intelligence Movie

Did you know that we have spent more time in the cinema now compared to 10 years ago? Not only that, we can watch movies to help understand the world around us, incite empathy towards other people, and deal with complex emotions.

For example, we can watch movies to help one understand the effect of computers in our society. Speaking of computers, let us check out these artificial intelligence movies.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

The first artificial intelligence movie on this list is a retelling of John Forbes Nash, Jr.’s life. The movie depicts his whirlwind life. He graduated with a Mathematics degree and used his knowledge to contribute to the game theory in economics. This term has been used in computer science and real life, as alluded to all the ups and downs he goes through.

Moneyball (2002)

Speaking of real-life uses of mathematics, this movie hailing from 2002 introduces sabermetrics. This is an advanced form of statistics used on baseball athletes. The main character, Billy Beane, tries to make use of this to create a perfect team to bring him to victory. What is unique about this movie is that it shows how people might have shifted to be quantitative than qualitative mindsets.

Interstellar (2014)

From two movies in real life, let us head into a futuristic fictional society in this movie that was directed by Christopher Nolan. This is set into the future where a group of astronauts pass through a wormhole and search for a new planet for which the entire human race can migrate. Through this movie, we can learn how technology can assist us, and it is up to us to make use of that assist.

Minority Report (2002)

The computer term centered around this movie is called data science, which uses large amounts of digital data to solve a real-world problem. Said main characters are two groups: the PreCogs (those who predict crime) and PreCrime (units assigned to prevent crime). What is chilling about it is how effective this technology can be used.

Robocop (1987)

If you want a classic movie on modern-day technology, check out this movie by Paul Verhoeven. The main character is a cyborg being used by an evil technology corporation for their plans. Even with losing most of his memories, the main character puts a stop to their plot. What this classic entails are the ethics of human modification and artificial intelligence.


There are several sci-fi movies that portray the future of artificial intelligence. If you want to watch an artificial intelligence movie, there are lots to choose from, aside from the five shown in this article. Whether their stories are fiction or not, they all help us learn how to understand each other in this world. That way, we can understand the effect of technology and know-how to act appropriately with it.

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