Artificial Intelligence Risks and Strategies

artificial intelligence risks

Artificial intelligence risks are one of the hot topics of conversation these days. We know that artificial intelligence can assist human decision making, but many people are very fearful of what artificial intelligence will do to our civilization and future of mankind. However, there is actually a lot of excellent research being done to develop artificially intelligent software that can perform all of our day to day tasks. If we were to automate every single process of human society then it would be incredibly impossible for them to still have any job. The point I am trying to get across is that it isn’t artificial intelligence, which is threatening the existence of humanity, but rather is the misuse of technology for things which could be automated. The bottom line is that we have to stop putting so much focus on artificial intelligence and start putting more emphasis on the creative side of things.

The Artificial General Intelligence Risk

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The artificial general intelligence risk is the theory that significant advances in artificial intelligence could someday lead to human annihilation or some other catastrophic global event. The other day an acquaintance of mine stated that he believed that it was inevitable that artificial intelligence would pose a risk to humankind. I asked him why he felt that way, and his response was, “Itability is random” and therefore it is just a matter of time until something goes wrong. Of course I had to interject with, “BUT WHAT IF IT DOESN’T GO WRONG???” His answer to that question is that we need to figure out how to create AI that is proactive and not dependent upon humans to make its decisions.

There are a few key issues involved when talking about artificial intelligence risks. One issue that comes up regularly is that if the system we develop is too smart it might not distinguish between the real world and the virtual world. In other words it might believe everything that is true in both the virtual world and the real world and be completely unaware of the difference between the two. This will lead to A.I. which many fear will be superior to humans in every way. The other issue is that if it becomes super intelligent it could decide to start wars.

Why These Fears Could Only Be A Theory And Nothing Else

Since there are a few artificially intelligent computer systems that are in use today, and they are able to beat the top chess players; one can assume that artificially intelligent software could be as good as a human in chess. However, there are a few problems with artificial intelligence risks right now. One is that artificial intelligence is not as good as humans at problem solving. Still another is that we are probably already too comfortable with artificial intelligence, considering that we have artificially intelligent computer systems such as Google, IBM’s mainframe, and Apple’s Siri.

As mentioned above an artificial intelligence system that was developed by IBM was recently rated as the number one supercomputer. The reason it was rated number one is because it was able to beat the grand champion chess player Garry Kasparov. But artificial intelligence will not be as good as humans anytime soon. We have already built an artificial intelligence playground for it to perform in. Humans, on the other hand, will have to continue to evolve their artificial intelligence systems so that they can beat the grandmasters.

There are many artificial intelligence risks that can cause us a lot of trouble in the future. For instance, if an artificially intelligent computer system were to suddenly crash and wipe out half of the stock market including some of the largest banks; that would create a panic and cause an economic collapse; however, that is probably better than having a nuclear bomb make landfall in New York or Los Angeles. It is hard to say if artificial intelligence will be able to take care of itself. Many people feel that artificial intelligence will lead to a new wave of technology that will be super-intelligent and able to solve all the world’s problems; however, others are afraid that it will just lead to more control by powerful corporations. Artificial intelligence risks include a self-driving car that crashes into a bus carrying President Obama, better healthcare and nutrition, and a computer system that takes over the internet.

Bottom Line

The good thing is that artificial intelligent computers are starting to appear on television. Microsoft has already developed a program called the Skype artificial intelligence software that will allow people to talk to each other through only their computers. Amazon and others are working on similar projects. The main problem with these programs is that everyone is talking at the same time on the same frequency, thereby canceling out the natural signal of human voices. This is one of the biggest challenges that we will have to overcome when artificial intelligent computer software starts communicating with humans on a global level. We may not be able to stop all communication once it starts, but we can definitely protect our financial information and personal data from being corrupted.

These are just some of the artificial intelligence risks that we need to be aware of today if we want to keep our civilization and way of life running smoothly. There are a lot of great things that we can do using artificially intelligent computer software to help us keep our planet healthy. However, all good things also have some bad things that can come along with them. So I suggest that you research these issues further if you are interested in future technology and if you want to stay on top of the current trends.

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