Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Types.

Artificial Intelligence: What Are The Types?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world like a storm. It is undoubtedly the most wonderful, astonishing, and complex creation by humans to date. Moreover, you can see the astonishing applications of AI in almost all aspects of life. Some applications include smart personal assistants, spam filters, process automation, etc.

Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Types?
Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Types?

AI can arrange and manage records. It can also interact with humans as robots or avatars. Furthermore, it can also assume what a user is going to type, search, or do.

That means it can work as an assistant and do repetitive tasks without getting bored. As a result, humans can focus on other essential tasks. Moreover, it can perform a task with fewer errors. If the coding is correct, you can expect amazing accuracy from AI as a result..

However, this field is still in need of more experimentation. The potential and future of AI is very bright. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to emphasize on the effects of AI in the coming years.

Weak AI- One Of The Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Weak AI is the most common type. This type of AI defines an AI tool, which emphasizes on performing one specific task efficiently.

As a result, it comes with a narrow potential of its capability. The key reason to develop weak AI is to imitate human intelligence and behavior.

A widespread myth is that weak AI is not intelligent at all. However, even the smartest AI available today is weak AI. In other words, weak AI is extremely intelligent at accomplishing a particular task. However, proper programming is needed.

Strong AI: Stronger Than Weak Artificial Intelligence

The next type of AI is strong AI. It is called artificial general intelligence or AGI and general AI. Strong AI simply means an Artificial Intelligence that hosts human-level intelligence. This means that it can perceive, think, and take actions just like a human being.

Theoretically, whatever a human can do, a strong Artificial Intelligence can do. However, strong AI is not yet available in the world. Nonetheless, to make strong AI possible, machines must be made conscious.

Super AI: The Strongest Artificial Intelligence

If a strong AI can imitate human intelligence and capability, what can a super AI do? Super AI can outshine human capability as well as their intelligence. This intelligence is best at every field.

Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Types?
Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Types?

It is evident that AI keeps on progressing. However, more and more research will help it advance. Currently, the world is definitely seeing the advantages of the basic AI. However, the future may come with super intelligence.

The Bottom Line

Artificial Intelligence is an extensive concept, meant to change the world. Nonetheless, it is now possible to reach the tip of the AI iceberg. More AI-related development are expected to make the world a wonderful place.

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