Basic Computer Security Essentials

basic computer security

Computer Security is an exciting subject. It’s all about the computers and how they can be attacked. These days, almost everything can be connected to the internet. So, it’s not surprising to know that the internet can also be used as a source of attack for computers. So, in this article, we will treat Computer Security, a personal computer, a workstation, a router, or a computer system. This article is being done mainly for those who are already IT professionals, System administrators, Network administrators, and also IT professionals who might be beginners in this field.

What’s The Takeaway?

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With this article, we will be dealing with some of the essential computer security basics. When dealing with these kinds of security, the first thing to remember is not to turn them off or remove them from your computer because you don’t know what might happen next. There are known viruses that can attack your computer very soon.

Security Elements

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Basic computer security includes three main elements: Anti-virus programs, Firewalls, and encryption. These are the three most essential elements to have protection against the threats today. As we go through this article, we will discuss each of these three main components separately. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how to protect your computer systems. We mentioned viruses earlier. They are one of the most common threats to computers today. It’s estimated that many different kinds of viruses are developed every day. Most of the time, these viruses target critical files that contain essential information that can affect many different types of business. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to defend a company from viruses because it involves more than just protecting the computers from physical attacks.

Viruses Are Created By Programmers

Viruses are created by programmers who use computer programs to distribute them to people’s computers. The viruses can be categorized into different types. Some types of viruses cannot be removed easily by standard antivirus software, while some tend to stay infecting computers for a long time. Finally, there are some types of viruses that are typical to spread expeditiously. This is where the importance of antivirus software comes in.


Now we can talk about the other two components that make up basic computer security systems. Firewalls can block hackers by closing all ports that are not explicitly being used by the system. It also keeps out unauthorized websites. Encryption is needed to make it possible for users to send and receive confidential data and data that needs to travel between networks. It should also allow a connection between two computers to send an email.


The next component is malware that is also a significant part of the computer security system. Malware is different from viruses in that it does not replicate itself but instead attacks computers that have the same virus on them. These are the most dangerous types of viruses because they can spread rapidly. In addition, they can infect essential files and information, which means they have to be taken care of immediately. There are three main ways to deal with this malicious software. These three different kinds of malware include scanning, blocking, and cleaning. When dealing with these kinds of viruses and malware, the help of antivirus software is highly advised. Using antivirus software regularly will help to protect computers from becoming infected with all these different kinds of malware.

Antivirus Software Benefits

Antivirus software helps to block viruses before they begin to spread. This is accomplished by the application of encryption on the infected computer systems. Encryption takes the form of scrambling up the data, so it is impossible to decipher what is being sent. To be sure of this prevention process, any antivirus software must be regularly updated to detect and remove new viruses and malware.


Firewalls are another way of protecting computers. They can either be used manually or by using automatic programs. Manual firewalls are run by a computer owner, while a specific company runs automatic ones to protect their machines from viruses and other intrusions. They have different features, such as blocking certain kinds of harmful data, blocking particular IP addresses, and giving the option of having a backup.

Summing Up

Another aspect of protection is backup media. Backups can be done through CD-Rs, DVD-R’s and by backing up the entire hard drive. It depends on the kind of software that is on the machine. Sometimes the computer may not have the ability to back up its files unless they have purchased the appropriate software. There are different kinds of backup media, and it depends on what is best for the user. For example, a person can store all of his files on a DVD, and if there is an Internet connection, that is always the best choice.

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