Best Computer Protection For Mac Users

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Will you be using just your firewall to protect your computer? Or will you also need a virus and malware tool, as well as another type of firewall or anti-virus software? What programs are available to help protect your computer in the event of a virus or intrusion?

Comes In Many Forms These Days


Computer security software comes in many forms these days from free options to those that cost thousands of dollars. Most of the programs are designed for home use and can be downloaded for free or bought at a price. Computer protection suites come with a variety of protection tools and multiple-user licenses. Many computer protection tools are free or require a low-fee monthly charge. And, most come with a mobile security component, which means that you’ll pay between seventy-five and one hundred dollars for a top-quality program.

Some of the best security tools include AVG Free, Avast Internet Security, Avira Internet Security, AVG Family Safe, McAfee Internet Security, Panda Internet Security, Pareto Logic Internet Security, Secunia Personal firewall, ZoneAlarm Internet Security. The higher the price of the software the better because they are better designed for protecting you. You’ll want to have a high-quality firewall, virus and malware detection software and a personal firewall. A good antivirus program is recommended as well, because it performs additional functions, such as detecting and removing spyware, adware, Trojans, worms and other malicious threats. Some of the best free antivirus programs include Norton Internet Security, Symantec Internet Security 2021, Kaspersky Internet Security 2021, Norton Antivirus Plus and AVG Internet Security. All of these programs work well at blocking viruses and tracking the source of any threats.

Free Online Antivirus Protection


For those who aren’t on a budget there are plenty of free online antivirus protection options as well. One of my favorites is Norton Antivirus Plus, which provides great protection as well as features that keep hackers from stealing your information. This software has been around for a long time and continues to get updated to protect against new viruses. According to the Norton website February 12th, “In February of 2021, we made a few small design changes that will allow users that upgraded to Nod32 or earlier to continue working immediately after February 12th.”

 Problems Trying To Protect The Mac

Mac OS X has had its share of problems trying to protect the Mac from viruses and malware. Mac OS X was released with a major flaw allowing attackers to bypass most antivirus protection and gain root access to the computer system. Apple is still working on a solution but free software is available. My preference would be Linux or Windows 10, both of which have more robust protection. These days all of the leading antivirus software programs support Macs and most of them have new features designed to be beneficial to Mac users.

Last Words

One example of a very popular antivirus program that is available for free is AVG Internet Security. This popular antivirus software tool is used by millions of people around the world. It is equipped with powerful built in malware protection that is specifically designed to deal with viruses, spyware, and other malware. If you would like to scan your computer with this powerful tool you can download it free of charge at the AVG website.

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