Cheap Gaming Laptop – Tips For Finding The Right Machine

An open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

But just because finding cheap gaming laptops is a difficult task does not mean it cannot be done. In fact, it can be made much easier with some careful searching. But if you do not know much about laptops then the process may seem a bit overwhelming.

 Go For A Cheaper Graphics Card

An open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

One way to find your cheap gaming laptop that fits into your budget is to go in for a cheaper graphics card. Many people do this nowadays as upgrading to a better graphics card ensures better and faster performance. You can also opt for a smaller, cheaper graphics card and this will help you get a gaming laptop within your budget. Note that a lower graphics card will require a greater amount of power than one with a higher specification.

If your main use of a cheap gaming laptop will be for internet browsing, then an Acer laptop will be ideal. One reason why Acer makes such good gaming notebooks is that they use an Intel Core Duo processor rather than an AMD CPU. This will ensure that your notebook runs smoothly and is also quite light and powerful. One other advantage of using an Intel CPU is that this will ensure that your PC gaming experience is smooth and error free. When it comes to games such as World of Warcraft or other high end graphics card based games, however, an AMD processor will help you get the maximum performance.

 Look Towards An Acer Laptop

Another way to get a cheap gaming laptop is to look towards an Acer laptop. This company makes a lot of gaming notebooks, and one of their most popular products is the legion 5i. The legion 5i is available with either a quad core i7 or a dual core i5 inside. Although it’s not as powerful as some others on the market, it’s still a great choice for gaming on a budget.

Other laptops offer great features at affordable prices. For example, the refreshed Haswell model from Apple has an enhanced processing engine along with faster graphics and increased memory which will enable you to get more gaming done in less time. Other manufacturers have also introduced new models with improved specifications. For example, the recently announced Asus ZenBook offers more powerful hardware compared to the previous generation. The gaming specifications are so great that it’s actually better than many gaming notebooks on the market today. It’s the ultimate laptop in terms of performance.

 Consider The Size And Screen Size 

When looking for a gaming laptop, the first thing you need to consider is the size and screen size of your preferred refresh rate. If you’re looking for a full-fledged gaming PC, then you’ll definitely want to consider the size of the screen. If you only intend to use it for streaming media or word processing, then a smaller screen size might be fine for your purposes. However, if you like playing first person shooters and playing first person shooter video games, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a large enough screen to really enjoy the fluidity of the game.

Final Words

Finally, think about the type of battery that your new laptop will need. Battery life is often one of the most important features of gaming machines, so make sure you get a laptop with a long battery life. As with all laptops, if you want long battery life, you’ll need to get a laptop with a powerful processor and good graphics. However, don’t neglect to check out battery life ratings and reviews for all the latest gaming machines.

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