Cloud Computing Security -Overview

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The term refers to the set of rules and policies, technologies, and their various

applications and controls that are used to maintain privacy and protect the IP and

data along with their services. It is often referred to as just Cloud Security. Cloud computing security is a serious concern and the data in the cloud should be kept secured by encrypting it for the sake of privacy.

Cloud Computing Security Challenges

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Some of the various challenges faced in cloud security are as follows:-

The user does not have to manage the data stored in the cloud. This may result in less visibility and control over the data unless the exact details are figured out. There are some organizations that have their own regulations which may not be supported by certain cloud platforms. To overcome this problem, it is important to  properly select the cloud platform which complies with the necessary requirements.

Data privacy is a serious challenge. All cloud platforms should have strong cybersecurity measures.

Cloud Computing Security Threats

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Data stored in the cloud faces several threats, which include:-

  •  Unauthorized invasion
  •  Sniffing attack
  •  Denial of service attacks
  •  Side Channel attacks
  •  Virtualization Vulnerabilities
  •  Abuse of Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Security Controls

The various categories of cloud computing security controls are:-

Deterrent Controls

These controls decrease the threats as they inform the attackers that they will face the consequences if they made an attack on the data.

Preventive Controls

Preventive Controls reduce the risks by strengthening the system and strongly

authenticating the users of the cloud so that no user can illegally access the data.

Detective Controls

These controls detect the problem and react accordingly in case of an incident where

data security is threatened. They further signal the Preventive Controls or the

Corrective Controls to take up the issue.

Corrective Controls

These controls reduce the effect of an attack and hence the consequences of the

attack. They come into action during or after the occurrence of an incident where the

data has been attacked.

Cloud Computing Security Mandates To Reduce Threats

Data Confidentiality

It is extremely important to reduce the various threats that cloud computing security

faces. It means that all the data stored in the cloud is secured and protected from

unauthorized access.

Data Access Controllability

It is a property by which the owners of the data can control the access of their data. The data owner can restrict the use of the data within only those who were given permission, whereas the others cannot access it.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity; means that the data is correct and complete. The data stored in the

the cloud is expected to be accurate and trustworthy by the owner of the data. Data stored in the cloud should be modified or tampered or deleted without the owner’s consent.


Here you will get to know about Cloud computing security. Cloud computing security is a serious concern and the data in the cloud should be kept secured by encrypting it for the sake of privacy.

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