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computer parts store near me

Buying a new computer or even having an old one fixed can be the stuff nightmares are made of. Unless you’re a computer guru, it’s hard to tell if you’re making the right choice and buying the best you can for your money. Computer part store locations online and those with physical locations, too, can really help a person make informed decisions. Basically, these folks have seen it all and heard it all. They know what works and what doesn’t.

While some people prefer to throw the baby out with the bathwater if their computer breaks, the smart consumer first tries to fix the problem. Oftentimes it’s a small, relatively inexpensive part that’s causing the issue. That’s where parts stores come in handy. The big chains might be great for buying name-brand computers, but they sometimes lack in the parts department.

Computer Parts Store Near Me

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The larger stores, too, often lack in the advice department as well. Rather than sell you the power supply you really need to fix your computer, it’s hard to tell if they’re just pushing you in the direction of a new machine just to make a sale. Plus, floor staff isn’t always as educated about computers as customers might like.

The advantages to dealing with reputable parts stores are many. They include:

Advantages Of Buying Parts Of Computers

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* Generally all staff is well educated about computers. They understand its makes, models, and hardware. They can and generally will offer advice about parts that will work with a machine. It’s up to the consumer to know what they have, however, unless of course the computer’s carried in or delivered to the store.

* Service tends to be more hands-on. Stores that deal strictly in computers don’t have customers running around trying to buy other big-ticket items. Inasmuch, you can generally expect more personalized service.

* Sometimes faster service and lower prices. Although they don’t generally have the “bulk purchasing” power of some of the big-name stores, smaller parts stores know how to get their hands on parts quickly and efficiently. The prices are generally quite good as well. Plus, these folks can find out-of-date parts to fix a machine that might serve your purposes well but is considered a dinosaur in the field.

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Those who choose to shop parts stores a lot of times also build their own computers or have them built for them by the shop. There are some advantages here if the customer knows how to build a machine or the store is quite proficient at it.

Computers custom built from parts generally is more suited for the individual user. Rather than a one-size-fits-all model offered by big-name stores, these machines can be custom right down to the amount of RAM and the video cards. If a machine is needed for a particular use, it can be geared in that direction. Also, big computer makers tend to make their machines proprietary, which means certain parts won’t work in them, or warranties will be voided if specific upgrades are made or work is performed by the owner. This generally isn’t the case in a custom-made machine.

Bottom Line

Computers are the wave of now. Almost everyone needs one for work, school, or even recreation. Going big name is fine, but sometimes all that’s needed is a simple part. Computer part store locations are great outlets for finding what’s needed. Apart from that, employees are pretty good about sharing advice. There are lots of computer parts stores near your location thus you can search and buy whatever you want!

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