Computer Security Certifications and Courses

computer security certificate

Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a computer security certificate. Non-certified students can earn an associate’s degree in computer security and become eligible for federal government jobs such as those in the National Cybersecurity Division (NCTD). The course offers students a solid foundation in computer security principles and technologies.

There are many reasons why companies prefer that employees have a computer security certificate. In order to reduce the risk of attack, computers at all levels of a company need to be protected. Even small offices can be targets of massive attacks. A computer security certificate program helps the employer to assess the level of risk a business’s computers face.

Use A Computer In An Emergency Situation

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Some employers might choose a computer security certificate over other certifications because it shows that the employee knows how to use a computer in an emergency situation. The skills learned in the course can save the business in case of a major incident. For example, an office might choose to offer training to its employees before a disaster strikes. They might choose to educate employees on how to stop attacks or report any unusual activity that might indicate an attack. If no one knows how to stop attacks or report suspicious behavior, the company could be victimized by hackers.

Companies might choose to train computer security certificate recipients on countermeasures against specific attacks rather than on preventing all attacks. If a specific type of attack occurs, such as a virus or worm, the countermeasures can stop the attackers before they can cause serious damage. An example might be putting out a call for computer security specialists to stop a server attack. By learning the countermeasures to stop viruses or worms, the infected users are not in danger of infecting other computers.

Computer Certificate Programs

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Computer certificate programs provide a limited view of the cyber security industry. There are many other types of courses and certifications that are targeted at different groups of professionals. These other certifications include systems management, information assurance, privacy management, information security management, and more.

A good certificate program allows people to specialize in one of several areas of the field. Many employers might choose to hire someone who has specialized training in a specific area. Someone with experience in managing networks can help a company with disaster recovery.

Network Security Experts

Many employers also might choose an IT degree if they want their employees to specialize in computer security issues. Many employers want their network security experts to have more technical skill, so they will pay for their certificates. People who earn computer security degrees are more likely to find jobs that pay higher salaries and are more competitive. Computer certificate programs usually take two years to complete.

Network access control is a certification that focuses on protecting computer systems from unauthorized users who have access to a system. Network access control is the control center for IT networks. The purpose of this course is to teach people how to protect computer systems from unauthorized access by practicing attacks on different types of servers. The certification test covers attacks that attempt to gain admin privileges on the network, so people who choose to take the exam must be skilled in performing a wide array of tasks that involve IT networks.

Final Words

Computer security courses focus on a wide variety of topics. They will teach people how to countermeasures for different types of attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and application vulnerability detection and mitigation (AVM). Other countermeasures include enforcing restrictions on the types of data that are allowed on a network, controlling access to sensitive information, and preventing attackers from infiltrating information from a computer system. People who successfully pass this exam may be able to work as an information security manager, an information security consultant, or an IT professional that specializes in network security. This certification may also be useful in the field of information technology or other similar career fields.

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