Finding the Best Cyber Security Engineer Salary

cyber security engineer salary

The cyber security engineer job description is actually one with a lot of variables, much of which will be dictated by the job industry. While many people think that the information security field is only for those with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, it is not the case. Many individuals working in this field are not formally trained engineers, though they may be equipped with a few common skills such as a solid understanding of networking and computer software. Some security experts may even choose to hold IT jobs within the larger fields of business or government. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities within the cyber security field, then keep reading for some advice on what to expect from a typical day on the job.

Cyber Security Engineer Salary

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Technically, there are several factors that can influence the cyber security engineer salary that you will earn. Many companies pay above the minimum wage because of the growing need for qualified professionals. Typically, the starting salary for cyber security engineers working in the information security field is in excess of $60 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is currently seeing an average salary of nearly $ 185,000 and as little as $ 53,500, most cyber security engineers earn much less than this. As such, it is possible to earn a substantial living on the Internet – and, in fact, many individuals have done so.

As an individual begins their career as cyber security engineer, the average salaries are based on many different factors. For starters, the type of work you do will have a significant impact on your salary. Many individuals begin their careers with positions within a firm, which increases their earning potential. However, these positions often do not provide the kind of stellar income that is earned after several years on the job. Salaries for entry-level positions vary by as much as seventy percent. In addition, on-the-job training can significantly boost the starting salary of a cyber security engineer.

Experience Matter

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Experience is also extremely important when determining the cyber security engineer salaries of qualified individuals. Generally, those who have been employed in the field for at least five years receive the highest average salary. While experience is certainly necessary for a successful career, those without a great deal of it often end up being forced to seek jobs elsewhere due to their lack of skills. For this reason, many new graduates and entry-level workers fail to maximize their potential for greater compensation.

There are a number of different certifications that cyber security engineers may earn in their careers. Most security engineers start their careers with one or two common certifications: a Computer Network Security Specialist (CNS) certification and a Foundation Technology Certification (FCBT). As these certifications become more widely recognized, security engineers may earn additional certifications in areas not previously covered by a foundation or network security standard. These additional certifications may also be useful when applying for jobs since employers will often recognize them if they match an individual’s skill set and educational background. However, not all employers utilize these additional certifications, so those seeking greater wages and positions may need to continue their education even after landing a position.

Things To Know

When determining a cyber security engineers’ salary, it’s important to consider the industry in which they work. Large companies with extensive online presence sometimes pay more than smaller firms simply because they typically require more advanced knowledge and expertise. While some small organizations may pay entry-level workers significantly less, larger corporations typically offer higher starting salaries and more attractive benefits packages. This is why it’s important for workers to carefully assess their current skill set, educational history, and career goals to get the best starting salary and starting package. If necessary, consider getting certifications or advanced training to further increase the starting pay.

Once workers have determined a starting salary, they can narrow their list of cyber security engineering jobs based on the job description, location, and experience. In addition, they should evaluate their skillset relative to the responsibilities of the job. For example, an information systems technician might prefer to focus his or her efforts on a specific department or expertise. A hardware engineer may want to consider additional certifications or work on a generalist job. There are a number of career paths available for professionals seeking to secure the technologies and information needed to contribute to the business.

Summing Up

Cyber security engineers usually start at the bottom of the ladder, working their way up the ladder of salaries and potential advancement. The skills that employers look for when hiring are the same ones that will define them for the rest of their careers. Those seeking entry-level positions may wish to take the time to do research and learn about the most common requirements for each job. Those with a more specialized interest in computers may want to pursue a more specific career path that will provide greater opportunities for upward mobility and better salaries. Regardless of what the future holds, security engineers will likely continue to be in high demand.

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