Learn More About The Important Computer Hardware Components

computer hardware components

Have you ever wondered what’s there inside the computer? The complex parts and their functions work together so that you can seamlessly do your work. Well, many people do not know about the computer hardware components but still, work with them every day. 

It’s good and helpful to know about these components so that you don’t freak out every time something goes wrong with your computer. Without further ado, let’s get started with this introductory guide to computer parts. 


A circuit board

The motherboard is the mother of all boards that lies inside the CPU case. It controls everything because every part and plug is inserted into the motherboard. The primary function of this component is to integrate every other component so that they can work together. Having a good motherboard fulfils the maximum potential of your computer. Nowadays, motherboards can be found in compact sizes. 


a ram slot

Out of all computer hardware components, Random Access Memory or RAM is that storage device that is fast enough to read and write. It helps the CPU by keeping the data ready for processing. Further, it regulates the overall speed of the computer. Just like the computer’s processor, it also has a clock speed.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is the mechanical drive that stores all the data. Its working is not only limited to storing data. Hard Drive also acts as the boot drive that runs the operating system. However, it has a limitation. It is physically fragile and if anything goes wrong, it can destroy the whole drive. A Hard Drive has platters that spin between 5200 to 10000 revolutions per minute.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is among those computer hardware components that are of utmost importance. It works in processing data from the motherboard data and sending the correct information to the monitor. To give a big boost to the computer’s performance, it does the whole video processing work on its own. The graphics card has a component called the Graphics Processing Unit that needs to be cooled down.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Also known as the brain of the computer, the CPU processes all information at a computational level. After receiving instructions from RAM, it performs the tasks as required by the computer. However, when it works under high loads, its processor may generate heat. That is why it comes with a heatsink and fan assembly that takes away excess heat. Although there are different types of processors, the best ones are AMD, Intel, etc. 

The Computer’s Organs

The reason why all these computer hardware components are important is that they keep the computer alive. In short, just like our mobiles and TVs, these components make our work a lot easier. Hence, it becomes essential to know about them so that we know exactly what to do in case anything goes wrong.

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