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The alarm clock is a household staple throughout the world as waking up every day can be challenging for many. A simple tool that makes sure you get a sound sleep and wakes you up on time with a melodious tune has been transformed into a smart version that can do more than just waking up. So, for those who can’t resist hitting the snooze button and going back to bed, a smart clock can help you rise and shine a little bit easier. 

This article introduces a smart alarm clock that apart from waking you up in the morning, it will offer reminders and can perform some other pretty tasks as well.

Smart Automatic Table/ Desk Clock

The smart alarm clock has a black display with a micro USB plug and a microphone to help it hear your voice. The top of the alarm clock has a button that is used to switch off the alarm and also to trigger the virtual assistant. It comes with an LED ring that will help you locate the button in the middle of the night. You can use your voice to set as many as 30 different alarms according to your wake-up time and apart from that, you can set 80 different reminders and also receive alerts for news headlines, weather, etc. 

With this alarm clock, you can even listen to soothing music during meditation or your workout sessions with its smart speaker. Setting up the alarm with different ringtones along with deleting the alarm after it rings is a great feature. If the brightness of the alarm clock seems too bright at night, you can shut off the display by activating night mode. You can even control other smart appliances in your home with this smart clock.

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  • Scale 1:5
  • Brand Name Xiaomi Smart Clock
  • Model Number Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock
  • State of Assembly Ready-to-GoScale: 1:12
  • Features Slot Smart Clock
  • Gyro Smart Alarm Clock
  • Control Channels 2 Channels
  • Max Speed New arrive Smart Clock
A close up of a clock


  • The smart clock is lightweight
  • There is a rubber strip at the bottom to prevent the cock from falling or slipping from the table
  • With an LED ring, you can easily locate the button at night 
  • Using voice commands, you can set up the alarm with a variety of ringtones
  • Using voice commands, you can set reminders, timers, and can get weather, stock, and news updates
  • Helps you meditate and nap by playing natural sounds
  • It comes with a night mode feature
  • Ability to connect to other smart appliances
  • Durable and convenient to use every day
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  • Due to the lack of own power in the alarm clock, you have to keep it plugged always as it functions only when plugged in


With the changing times, alarm clocks have transformed and their utility is undeniable. This smart automatic clock is equipped with various impressive features along with a beautiful design. So, a smart clock can be a good companion in your room.

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