List of Computer Hardware Problems And Solutions

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Common computer problems arise as a result of minor flaws in either the software or the hardware. Their methods are often simple to implement.
Admit it, we all see them on a daily basis while using a computer. So, don’t be alarmed. In today’s blog, I’ll discuss the top five most popular PC issues and how to solve them on your own.

1.Your PC is Overheating

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A hot PC speeds down the entire machine and causes regular crashes. Furthermore, constant heat exposure can cause permanent damage to PC components.There are two key reasons the PC heats up: either the cooling system isn’t operating correctly or the PC is heating to the point that the cooling system can no longer support it. In any case. The solution to overheating is – 

1. Place Additional Fan

2. Avoid Overclocking (Don’t Use software Way above what PC can performs)

3. Clean up pc

4. Apply Thermal Paste

5. Keep it in a cool environment

2.Your PC is Crashing

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If your computer only displays the manufacturer’s logo before crashing just as it is about to load the operating system, you have a RAM or hard disc problem. If the operating system cannot be loaded, either the RAM is infected and cannot retain the boot loader or the hard drive is fried and cannot load files.

If you have several RAM slots, pulling them out one at a time and restarting the PC will help you find the culprit. In the end, you’ll have to repair either the corrupted RAM or the hard disc, depending on which is the issue.

3.Your Pc isn’t Powering on

If your PC does not turn on at all – not even a single light – there must be an issue with the power supply.

If your PC’s extension cord, power socket, and other links are all functioning properly, the issue could be with the PC’s power cable. Replace the monitor’s control cord with the CPU’s (if you don’t have a spare) to see if it turns on. If this resolves the problem, you will need to purchase a new power cable.

4.Noisy Hard disk

If you hear banging or scraping noises from your hard drive, it’s time to replace it. Hard drives have a finite lifetime, and noisy noises are the primary indicator of a hard drive that is about to malfunction. To check the status of your hard drive, use the CrystalDiskInfo hard drive tracking app. The tool will show the current state of the hard drive’s health as “Good,” “Caution,” or “Poor.”

You can quickly back up all of your data and attempt to get another hard disc before this one crashes on you.


Many of the above hardware issues can be quickly resolved by tinkering with the settings or using applications. However, some of them would undoubtedly necessitate a trip to the machine repair store.

It’s a smart idea to at least know what’s wrong with your computer so you can take appropriate action. Please let us know in the comments whether you’ve ever had a PC hardware problem and how you fixed it.

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