Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Review

microsoft surface laptop

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is arguably one of the best and most affordable modern laptops currently available. It offers a lot of things for anyone who wants to use a laptop, but it also offers a lot of features that any business person will appreciate. Here is my review of the Microsoft Surface Laptop. The first thing that I noticed about this laptop was how lightweight it was. It felt solid in my hands, and I didn’t have to worry about it collapsing or falling because of how strong it is.

An Overview


Size and weight are important when choosing a computer. Most people are looking for a laptop that feels like a desktop, but that doesn’t mean that the extra weight and size of some laptops are a deal breaker. The Microsoft Surface Laptop is just right between a standard sized laptop and a lot of those mini notebooks. It feels right at home in my bag. There isn’t a lot of room to carry it, but it holds a lot of weight and fits in a number of places that I would normally carry a smaller laptop.

Performance The battery life on the Microsoft Surface Laptop is excellent. It lasts for nearly 19 hours on the battery, which is excellent for someone who frequently works for long periods of time. The battery on the laptop also enables Windows to be completely off while you are not using the machine, so there are no fluctuations in the operating system while you are not using it. This means that you will not have to constantly reboot the system while you’re working, which is a benefit for those who like to do work on the road.

Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop


Portability The battery life does run out faster than the others, but the speed at which the system boots up is much better. The touch screen is also responsive, and it definitely feels more premium than the aluminum laptop stand that I’ve used. This gives the Surface a noticeable difference in the visual quality of the screen, especially if you are typing on the keyboard. The overall size of the unit is about the same as the others, but it does feel a bit thicker, and it has slightly better portability when you are carrying it around.

Alcantara Material It is made out of recycled plastic, and has a nice glossy finish to it. The touchpad has a nice wide rocker that makes it easy to navigate. The keyboard deck is also very smooth, which helps to make it a more comfortable to type on. The best laptops by Microsoft have to offer a sturdy and durable machine, and the Alcantara material meets this criteria.

Size and ports The size of the machine itself is fantastic. It comes with three USB ports, which is great if you need a portable storage device or printer. The only real negative is that all the ports can cause some delay when you are trying to connect or download something. Other people will find that they simply don’t have enough desk space to comfortably keep the laptop, and so many will choose to use the USB-C port instead. Although the Surface Laptop does come with a longer battery life, for those who travel extensively you might find that you need to carry a spare to give you enough time on the road.

Comfort and battery Life The keyboard on the Surface Laptop is just fine, which is surprising because of the many sacrifices made for design. However, the keys are extremely responsive, and you can get used to them quickly. The trackpad is great and the overall comfort of the laptop, including the touch screen, helps to make it one of the most popular models.

Bottom Line

Price and Performance The price is quite competitive, given how new the technology actually is. For the kind of performance you get, you would expect to pay more, but the Microsoft Surface Laptop falls in the medium range of price, making it an excellent buy for almost any budget. Even if you were to pay the asking price for one of the MacBook Airs, which has significantly less power in comparison, the Surface would still perform well, especially given the fact that it has twice the amount of power for the price. In the long run, it is clearly a great investment.

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