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When you get yourself a new adapter/connector, you need to keep one thing in mind that not all cable chargers are made equally. So, you need to buy the best adapter/connector for your phone to maintain the long-term health of your battery. One can’t deny the fact that there will come a situation when you need to charge your phone, so what do you do? You plug any charger that you think can suit your phone to juice it up. Most of the chargers that usually come with the phone are short-cabled and give only cable charging. But, you can get the best ethernet adapter/connector network extension cable female to female by clicking on the blue highlighted text.

The specifications will tell you in brief about the products, and the pros and cons will make you understand more about the product compatibility.

Buy The Best Ethernet Connector Or Adapter To Enjoy All The Games And Movies Without Waiting For Your Phone To Get Charged Up Again And Again


  • Brand name: UGREEN
  • Model number: NW114
  • Product name: rj45 connector
  • Product status: stock
  • Package: yes
  • Type: cat6 rj45 connector
  • Color: black/white
  • Size: 42 x 23 x 25 mm
A close up of electronics


The following features make this female to female charger unique:

  • 8P8C
  • ethernet rj45 connector
  • cat6 cable
  • ethernet cable
  • Rj45
  • Lan cable
  • ethernet extension cable
Diagram, engineering drawing


  • The adapter is smooth and stable. Now, you will not have to change your adapter from time to time.
  • The downloads are very fast if you use this kind of adapter for your device.
  • The connector can easily extend the cable while your connection will remain secure and safe.
  • The best part is you can easily merge two cables together at a single time.


  • Only two colors are available.
  • This female-to-female connector is very costly.


What is better than getting an adapter/ connector that comes with a cable that extends to the most comfortable level and also keeps the connection secure. You can easily merge the two cables at the same time. One of the extremely best features of this adapter is it makes downloading faster than before. This female-to-female connector/adapter has many benefits. You can charge your phone once using this adapter and enjoy your game and movies smoothly without any disturbance. 

This adapter may sound costly, but you will get one of the best female connectors/adapters to charge your phone. 

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