Not Just A Lock But Also A Fashionable Modern Art Decoration And A Necessity For Your Everyday Life!

Programmable LED Digital Alarm Clock Frame For Decoration This is a multi-purpose device. This is a perfect device which is very helpful for us in today’s era.  It comes in our daily use. This is not a wall clock for our office. It also decorates our bedroom bedside with led light. This gives you the perfect lighting for every mood. Capable of displaying 16 million vivid colors. These neon LED lights are just like the signal for your home decor. The LED light of this device is of excellent quality.  It emits bright colored light to display a game room accessory. With this device, we can also measure the temperature of our house, and it was right. With the help of this device, we can also know the weather report and tell it exactly.

And they are very helpful for us, which also takes care of our sleep, it is also an alarm clock that helps us wake up. Various types of sound in this device: Which our ears like to hear. Some digital clocks remind students of their following classes with the help of a countdown timer. Digital alarm clock keeps us very sensitive to time.  Unique gift for our family members or friends. This is a perfect gift: It is very fancy and attractive for our family members and friends. If we want to give a gift to our friend, we can give this digital alarm clock to us. You can get this amazing programmable led digital alarm clock frame for decoration at some easy cost from their platforms.


·       Brand Name: Divoom is the best brand for the programmable digital alarm clock.

·         Display resolution: its revolution is 400×240.

·         Size: Its size is ≤ 4.”

·         External Memory: No

·         Built-in Memory Capacity: None    

·         Origin: It is CN(Origin)

·         Package: Yes

·         Model Number: Pixar

·         Brightness: Other

·         Frame material:  Acrylic is perfect

·         Screen Resolution: its revolution has 16×16

·         Dimension: its dimension has .18×7.18×1.18 inch

·         Function: desktop decoration/Nintendo pixel game accessory

·         Color: 16 million of color

·         Feature 1: 256 full RGB programmable LED

·         Feature 2: Neon LED light

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·         The digital clock is better than the analog clock.

·         Digital Clock is great for home décor.

·         Digital clock requires less electricity.

·         In Digital Clock, we can easily set or reset the time.

·         Who can display time in digits in a digital clock?

·         This device has a very long life.

·         The LED light of this device is beautiful.

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·     Compared to a digital clock, people can do it very quickly with the analog clock.

·         The digital clock can sometimes tell the wrong time.

·         The light of this device is very bright, which pinches our eyes.

·         And the light of this device is also harmful to our eyes.

·         Digital clocks are much more expensive than analog clocks.

·   He has become significantly less of an analog clock in today’s time, and nowadays, everyone likes to do a digital clock.


A Programmable LED Digital Alarm Clock Frame For Decoration is best to decorate the room and hall in the modern era. If you search for the modern item from your room, it’s the best try. It comes in under the budget of every person.

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