Not Just a Lock but Also a Fashionable Modern Art Decoration and a Necessity for Your Everyday Life!

You want something innovative for your home, and you can keep it as a decorative item? If that is the case, you would like to go for the programmable LED digital alarm clock, which comes with creative output. It is one of the cutest additions to your family, and it is a little bit expensive. It comes under the category of technology and computing devices, and you will be able to program it according to your convenience. 

The frame material is off acrylic, and you will have a fun time interacting with it. It is a beautiful clock frame that you can put on the table and hang on the wall. You can get it at a discounted price of $80, which was once available at $100. It is a programmable clock, and the battery capacity is around 2500 mAh. Now it is time for you to understand the pros and cons and the specific features of the watch so that you can put your money into it. 

Programmable LED Digital Alarm Clock Frame For Decoration.

This is a multi-purpose device that will solve your purpose for decorative items as well as a clock. It is easily programmable for various events like Christmas and Halloween as well as special occasions like Thanksgiving. The room is dark, so it will be easily able to light up the room because of its LED features. You see the program at your convenience, and it comes in a size of 7.18inch*7.18inch* 1.18inch. It looks like a Lego piece, and the program on it is pretty cool. Now you can buy this clock with the help of a secure payment method and even add it to the wishlist. You would want to know some specific features, and you should buy the clock now to save you some further investment. 


  • Brand Name- divoon
  • Display resolution- 400*240
  • Size greater than or less than 4 inches
  • Origin CN
  • Package yes
  • Model number pixoo
  • Brightness other
  • No built-in capacity
  • No external memory
  • About 16 million colors
  • Desktop decoration pixel game
  • Neon LED light sign
A hand holding a remote control


  • Which is the high-end LED light sign that you would want to have on your desktop or any other countertop. It is easily programmable and comes with RGB LED features. 
  • Affordable accessories are available with a 20% discount, and you should get them at the sale. 
  • The battery capacity will help you light up the room for about 3 to 4 days, and the color is black. The material is also easy to maintain as well as highly durable. 
A computer sitting on top of a wooden table


  • There are no specific disadvantages as such, but the decorative piece can be a little bit smaller than anticipated. 


As a bottom note, we can add that this is a decorative piece that will fit in your hand and is quite fun to interact with. So you can start investing right away and put it up during Halloween and Christmas time. 

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