What Is Cyber Security Training- Know Everything

cyber security training

Cyber security, as the name suggests, is a process to secure networks, computers, and other electronic devices from malicious attacks which are done to steal information or cause any damage to the system. Cyber security training is thus the need of the hour. It would help to safeguard not only from personal information theft but also from a financial perspective. It would help one and all to save their data and achieve privacy. 

Cyber security training courses are now available in almost every part of the country, turning students of today into the experts of tomorrow. 

Not only this, various courses are being offered in the field specializing in a specific branch of the program to provide the deepest and the best training possible. 

More About Cyber Security Training

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Cyber security training can be done through various courses, which include

● Cloud security

● Information Security 

● Ethical hacking 

● Computer security

● Mobile securitY 

Each course has its feature specializing in every aspect of cyber security training. 

How To Enroll In A Cyber Security Training Programme 

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Cyber security training can be done as a diploma under graduation as well as on a graduate level. You just need to have cleared class 10th, and you are eligible for certification for a diploma in the course, although different institutes may have different cut-off percentages or entrance tests for admission in the course. 

Some institutes even offer a handsome scholarship for those who excel in the entrance test or have a good percentage in the school results. 

Scope For Cyber Security Training

We are living in a world with advanced technology emerging and helping us make our lives easier, be it appliances like Alexa or just interfaces like Siri & Google assistant. 

Battles are going on in the cyber world. A count of approximately 91 lakh infected computer systems and more than 26000 websites have been defaced to date that too only in India, which makes it important for a country like India to help the citizens safeguard their information. 

The Top 10 Indian Institutes Offering Cyber Security

The below list is of higher education institutes in India, as per NIRF 2020, by MHRD, Govt. Of India

● IIT Madras, Tamil Nadu

● IIT Bombay, Maharashtra

● IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal

● IIT Delhi, New Delhi

● IIT Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

● IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand

● IIT Hyderabad, Telangana

● IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat

● IIT Ropar, Punjab

● IIT Patna, Bihar


Being a branch with a huge demand nowadays would lead to greater competition in the field, but once you are dedicated and know what you want to do, it is not at all difficult for you to have a job and earn yourself a handsome income. 

There are even several government security agencies that hire cyber security experts, which gives you a sense of satisfaction to work for the safety of your country. Also, talking about the growing cyber world, you are now future-ready. 

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