What Types Of Computer Hardware Are There

types of computer hardware

Computer hardware includes many different types of computer hardware components that are used in a computer system. For each computer system, there would be a different set of hardware parts attached to the machine as per the requirements. The most common computer hardware includes electronic components and mechanical components of the machine. RAM (Random Access Memory) is probably the most popular computer hardware component that has seen a tremendous increase in its memory capacity over the years.

About Computer Hardware

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Basically, the word “hardware” refers to the devices or components that are physically installed in your computer system. Computer hardware consists of different types of components. Among these are Integrated Circuits (IC), Integrated Circuits attached on the motherboard, Programmable Logic Devices (PLC), Computer interfaced devices, etc. There is also a software component of the hardware. A driver is also an integral part of the computer hardware. It is a programmable device driver that permits the operating systems and other software applications to use the features of the hardware directly.

The term “software” refers to the components that are installed in the computer that are used for performing their functions. This could be stored in RAM or installed into the hard disk. There is also the hardware component of the software that enables the software to function. These components form the hardware components of every computer system.

Difference Between Computer Software And Hardware

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While referring to “hardware”, it is meant to include only those elements that are physically present in a computer system. The term “software” should include only those elements that are programmed into the physical CPU or mainframe of a computer system. Every computer has both RAM and software components. In fact, every single computer should have at least one such component. Other elements are available as add-on cards.

In addition, the term “hardware” should also refer to any additional elements installed in a computer system through its ports or cables. The most common hardware components are the keyboard, monitor, mouse, optical mouse, printer, scanner, sound card, etc. Some of these elements are permanently installed in the CPU, while others are installed via the motherboard or a CPU adapter. A graphics card is another component which can also be considered as a piece of hardware.

Types Of Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is separated into three main categories: microprocessors, Integrated Circuits, and Memory. The microprocessor is the most important of all computer components because it controls all other hardware. The other two categories are largely populated by different types of integrated circuits, which are responsible for different types of electronic operations. The chip on the motherboard of a computer system serves as the brain of all of these different types of hardware. All of them rely on instructions from the microprocessor to perform their respective tasks.

The microprocessor performs the arithmetic and logic operations that allow it to generate an output signal. The integrated circuits carry out the actual wired and wireless connections between the microprocessor and its external components. Another type of hardware which is also present in the CPU is the memory. Memory is responsible for storing data, programs, settings, etc. on chips and memory devices located within the CPU.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to connecting a computer system to external devices, Ethernet technology has emerged as one of the most popular and reliable technologies used today. There are many different types of network technologies that are used today and they are mostly wireless. One major advantage of using wireless technology is that these can easily be integrated with computer hardware devices such as printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices without having to modify the original design. Networking is one of the most important aspects of using any type of computer system.

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