When Was The Computer Invented – How Did The Computer Involve In Our Life

when was the computer invented

Title of this article When was the computer invented? It was actually conceived by someone by the name of Alan Turing (himself a very famous code breaker). In fact, he was a great critic of the English language. In his book “A little book about Computers”, he posed this question “What would be the best language to build the largest possible machine?” And hence, the birth of the computer was born. In his paper “Turing’s algorithm” he anticipated the future of computers by building a programming language which could solve many problems in a small space of time.

One Of The First Mechanical Computers To Be Used Commercially

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His machine was called the Difference Engine. It was one of the first mechanical computers to be used commercially. Thus, he was also known as Father of Computer. He designed an Analytic Engine (a mechanical computer) that was the precursor of the electronic computer and is regarded as the basic framework of modern computers in today’s world.

As soon as the Analytical Engine was designed, many people started using it. But, its development was slowed down by the restrictions placed by governments and laws that made mechanical computers banned from public use. Only a few countries including the United States, Canada and Britain were allowed to use the Difference Engine for commercial purposes. When the Second World War broke out, the war was so serious that all the electronic equipment including the Analytical Engine was produced in secrecy.

Several Pieces Of Evidence That Strongly Suggest The Contrary

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Many people believe that the story of when the computer was invented is a myth. But, there is several pieces of evidence that strongly suggest the contrary. For instance, Thomas Edison, the great inventor of the electric light bulb was a recluse by his own admission. He kept it hidden from his friends and colleagues for fear of having their ideas stigmatized. When the first laptop was introduced, it too was an enormous success, which received a lot of criticism from the traditionalists, who considered it to be a contraption of a mad man.

Another significant event that happened when the computer was first invented was the launch of the electronic dictionary. The significance of this is that it offered an instant source of reference for people across the globe. Though the manual did not provide any help in grammar, it helped in improving diction of the user. In fact, the first manual ever used for building a computer – the Difference Engine – could also be considered as a milestone in computer science.

When Was The Computer Invented

Till the time of the space shuttle programme, no one knew that the reason for the space flight was because of the importance of computing for the operation of such a vital part of the mission. The very purpose of a computer – the Difference Engine – proved to be crucial in ensuring success of the entire mission. When was the computer invented? Well, the answer to this question is that it was before the year 1960, if we refer to the timeline of the evolution of computing. And though we are living in the age of computers, there have been many instances when machines were used for solving definite tasks.

One example is the Enigma Machines, which were used during World War I for decrypting German military communications. Before that, the German Navy had its own Enigma Machines, which worked for them to decrypt messages. IBM made the first computer for the military, known as the IBM 3rd series, in Series 7. Though the original IBM Model M was manufactured more than twenty years ago, it is still used extensively by the Army and Navy today. A few years later, Digital Equipment Corporation and Hewlett Packard together with the United States military corporation IBM created the first commercial computer in what was called the Information Technology Machine (ITM) series, which was an open source model of a general-purpose computer.

Bottom Line

When was the computer invented? Right now, we cannot say when was the computer invented, but we know that it was around a hundred years ago. In fact, during the last century or so, many people have been using highly developed supercomputers to solve some of the most complex problems of mankind, such as predicting the outcome of a race, weather prediction, and even analyzing stock market trading data. Experts are even able to manipulate and control these supercomputers with the use of a simple program.

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